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Meet Sarah

Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to learn more.

If I am asking for your support, it is only fair I should introduce myself.

I am married. I have two children. One on her way to college this fall and the other a middle school student at Forestview.

My family and I live in Baxter and have enjoyed calling the Brainerd Lakes Area home for nearly 20 years.

My background is in journalism, education, marketing, and public relations. I have degrees in all those areas, including an MBA with a focus in strategic and corporate management. Please connect with me on LinkedIN if you want all the details.

Some of the distinctive traits I bring to this position include:

•  Unique perspective

I am a parent, someone who serves on other governing boards and works for an organization governed by a board. I understand the place and role of a governing body, how to be a productive member with fiduciary responsibility, and the financial and policy implications and impacts of decisions made at the board level.

A professional background as a leader

My career gives me opportunity to apply vision and strategy development practices, workplace culture programs, and general leadership, management, improvement, policy, and process principles in my daily work that translate to sound leadership practices for the other boards I serve. I am comfortable and familiar in a system that practices continuous improvement and strategic planning.

Experience as an educator

I come from a family of educators and administrators who took personally the commitment to help kids find success - and that it looks different for every student. When I went back to school for my second degree to teach in a high school English classroom, I gained valuable experience in curriculum evaluation, working with colleagues in an interconnected system to benefit students, and relying on families and communities as valuable partners.

I gladly serve on the Brainerd Board of Education because I want to support the district and be a cheerleader for the many areas of success, help identify and address opportunities, and invest my time in something I am passionate about – education.

I know how dedicated this district is to its mission. I see it each day, each week, each year as

my children come home from school and from activities. The attention, guidance, and

opportunities they have because their teachers invest in them, community members step up to coach, and the Board and administration see the students in the numbers is unmatched.

If we have not yet met, I look forward to meeting you. Please explore the site and reach out if you have any questions.

Meet Sarah: Bio
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