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Our experiences shape our views. I have enjoyed being an educator, a professional, a parent, an invested volunteer and community member, and a school board director in our community. All have shaped my views and opinions. Here are some of my thoughts on our collaborative future. I would love to hear yours!

Three areas of focus

As a current member of the Brainerd Board of Education, I have three areas of focus for this year: 1. Student opportunities and achievement, 2. Community partnership and trust, and 3. Fiscal challenges and strategic planning.


Three strengths of District 181

There will always be opportunities for improvement, but before we jump to condemn or criticize, it is important to celebrate and praise. Our children have opportunities many of us couldn't even imagine - from flying planes to making videos, to learning about the universe in an actual planetarium. Our community and school district have many things to be proud of.


Three opportunities for District 181

The challenges for school districts are many. Those of us who have spent time on the Board understand the complexity of running a multimillion-dollar organization that is regulated and funded by mechanisms that don’t necessarily take into account the realities of educating children in a modern world.


Listening to the community, our stakeholders

We have a diverse set of stakeholders in this community. Living and participating in the community alongside our many stakeholders is important to be able to represent the voices and perspectives and to truly understand the challenges.

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